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Just a huge thank you for one of the best trips ever!  Ireland is a country of diverse history, cultures and land forms!  In a short time you provided a beautiful, meaningful glimpse of all that Ireland has to offer. As I am looking through my pictures, I realize the depths of our experience.   Thank you for another “first class” trip!


Sharon Radsick
Hi Mark:
We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the Colorado trip – – loved the trains, Alpacas, and peaches.  Everything was handled perfectly!  The accommodations were great as well as the meals.  Hope we’re able to do another trip with you.
Doris & Joe Batelli
Doris & Joe Batelli
July 30, 2019

Just wanted to touch base with you regarding our group that did the Trains and Parks of Colorado with you last week.

Apparently the couple that have already emailed me while at the airport coming home said they had a lovely time and would go on a Mark Warther tour again!


Shillelagh Travel Club
August 28, 2017

Hi Mark,
Just wanted to express how much we enjoyed our trip. Can’t stop talking about those beautiful train rides and places we visited. We will certainly be coming back for more. Sharing pictures and stories with family and friends.
Please e-mail us with tours planned for next year.
P.S. Found my shoes in my luggage while unpacking. That figures!

Thanks again,
Dennis and Becky Shockley

Dennis & Becky Shockley
August 29, 2017

Thank-you both for a great trip to Colorado!!!   I enjoyed EVERYTHING that we did and I loved the weather and lack of humidity!!!

I really liked the variety of events that we had.  The parks and trains were great and I really liked the alpaca farm!!!  What a nice combination of places to visit!    Plus, the hotels you chose were wonderful!!   

Mark,  I’ve watched a couple of videos about your family museum and business since I’ve been home.  I didn’t realize you were part of a famous family — I probably would have been nicer to you if I had known!!!

Becky and I decided that we need to plan a trip to come visit the Warther Museum, so hopefully we can do that this fall.

Thank-you again for all your effort to provide a wonderful vacation for all the folks on the trip!!

Ruth Branscom

Ruth Branscom

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