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Please take time to scroll through our tours. When you discover a destination for your group, we'll be glad to provide you with a proposal and itinerary. This will include attractions, lodging, meals, entertainment, guide services, and transportation if needed.

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A Journey You Will Never Forget

We specialize in designing unforgettable travel adventures. We’ve conducted many tours around the world for both large and small groups, and we know that the smallest details define the travel experience. Whether you prefer grand tours or intimate ones, an Amazing Travel Treasures tour will create a lifetime of memories.

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From our Castles & Legends of Ireland tour From our Castles & Legends of Ireland tour
Loch Eske Castle Hotel, Ireland Loch Eske Castle Hotel, Ireland
Panning for gold in Alaska Panning for gold in Alaska

Grand Tours or Regional Excursions

Our tours (4+ days) allow you to explore the world. Spend time in the castles of Ireland, visit the English countryside, or take a relaxing Bermuda cruise!

From Our Trains & Parks of Colorado Tour From Our Trains & Parks of Colorado Tour

An Exceptional Tour Experience That Is Worth It Every Time

When you tour with us, you’ll always receive an exceptional tour experience at a very competitive price. Amazing Travel Treasures is the agency of choice for many of our clients because our quality tours always deliver the highest possible value.

Trains & Parks of Colorado
Checking out Zion National Park, Utah Checking out Zion National Park, Utah
Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana

Unique Lifetime Experiences

Our trips are known for their quality and value and truly are “lifetime experiences” for those guests lucky enough to book them. On each tour, Mark Warther makes certain that guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the landscape and culture of the people and places he showcases. “Simply put, it's a trip like no other,” says Van Galder Tour Planner Denise Smith. “Prepare to have your breath taken away.”

A Higher Standard of Travel

At Amazing Travel Treasures, we aim for a higher standard. Our tours are special because we take the time to create unique experiences you simply won’t get from other tour companies. Whether you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime overseas adventure, or you want to spend time closer to home, an Amazing Travel Treasures tour can help you open up the world.

Sedona, Arizona Sedona, Arizona
Monument Valley, Arizona Monument Valley, Arizona

We Take Care of the Details

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view! Our experienced travel staff manages all of the details for each tour, from the time you leave your front door until the time you return. Amazing Travel Treasures features accommodations at only the best hotels, and we personally escort our groups through each tour. At the end of selected tours, you’ll receive a customized, coffee-table book filled with photos of your adventure!

About Mark Warther

About Mark Warther

Mark Warther has been leading personalized, fully escorted tours to some of the world’s most desirable locations for more than a decade, earning coverage in respected travel media outlets including AAA Home & Away magazine and PBS television.

The quality and value of the tours Mark organizes have earned him a loyal following, as well as, the respect of his travel industry peers. He has formed partnerships with organizations, businesses and agencies that capitalize on his tour planning and leadership skills.

About Mark Warther